Assisted Living Activity Calendar Ideas

Struggling to come up with ideas to keep your senior residents active and engaged each month?

Our activity calendar ideas can help!

Not Just Bingo Assisted Living Calendars

Feeling Stuck Creating New Activity Ideas?

If you’re feeling stuck creating new activity ideas for your residents every single month or if you’re having trouble getting your residents involved in the events that you’ve spent so much time planning…

then our monthly activity ideas are for you!


Get access to brand-new activity ideas every single month that are specifically designed for activity programs in assisted living facilities


Easy to use

Find sensory stimulation, tactile, or even bedside activities for each day of the month in the calendars that are labeled for tailored activities


Made for residents with different needs

We include activity ideas for residents with varying levels of cognitive and physical abilities


We focus on creating fun activity ideas that keep your residents engaged and keep them coming back


Our activity ideas are inspired by real-life events, holidays, and observances to keep things fresh and current



Cut your activity-planning time in half — just read through the activities and choose the ones you want to try!

Each month, our members get access to new assisted living activity calendar ideas for four different topics: Assisted Living, Dementia, Men’s, and Weekly-Themed Activities.

Feel confident with your monthly activity game plan

After using our monthly ideas, the activity directors in our membership have felt inspired by the creative ideas and excited about trying them out with their residents.

Members see their residents engaged in meaningful activities and having fun, and even their bosses notice the increased participation and moods of their residents.

Our assisted living activity calendar ideas can be your resource for unique and interesting activities that will keep your senior residents involved in the community. Go beyond bingo, surprise your residents with out-of-the-box activities they’ll love.

Senior citizens sitting at a table painting

Let us help you plan fun activities for the seniors in your assisted living facility!

Feel confident with your monthly activity game plan

Senior citizens smiling and taking a selfie

Not Just Bingo was created to help activity directors feel inspired to do more for their residents and to just have fun.

We love seeing seniors who are enjoying life and are an active part of their community.

We know that you get bogged down with the paperwork and monotony of the daily routine at work, but we hope that NJB inspires you to think differently with activities and to try new ideas to shake things up for your residents.

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