Activity Calendars

We offer 2 ways for you to gather activity ideas for your senior activity calendars:

1. The Not Just Bingo Membership (Membership Calendars)

If you need fun activity ideas to spruce up your monthly activity calendars for your senior residents, then make sure to sign up for the Not Just Bingo membership to find fun activities.

Here’s what you’ll find in each of the 4 types of activity calendars found in the membership:

Assisted Living Activities for Seniors

Assisted Living Activity Calendar (The FUN Calendar)

This calendar includes 4 activities for each day of the month:

  • Includes a fun afternoon social idea for each day
  • Includes an arts and crafts idea for every Sunday and Thursday
Men's Activities for Seniors

Men’s Activity Calendar (The MEN’S Calendar)

This calendar includes 4 activities for each day of the month:

  • Tactile activities, for your residents who like to use their hands to fix or build things
  • One-on-one activities, for those who dislike group activities
  • Discussion activities, including topics for your higher-functioning male residents
  • Special event activities, including fun contests and competitions
Dementia Activities for Seniors

Dementia Activity Calendar (The SENSORY Calendar)

This calendar includes 6 activities for each day of the month:

  • Craft activities, to spark creativity and group interaction
  • One-on-one activities, for residents who prefer limited group interaction
  • Exercise activities, to keep your residents moving and having fun
  • Bedside activities, for residents who are limited to their rooms
  • Reminiscing activities, for higher-functioning residents
  • Sensory stimulation activities, which contain fun, large-group activities that appeal
    to your residents’ senses
Weekly-Themed Activities for Seniors

Weekly-Themed Activity Calendar (The HOLIDAYS Calendar)

Each of the five weeks contains 10 activity ideas related to a single theme:

  • Craft activities, to encourage creative outlets for residents
  • Reminiscing activities, to aid in recollection and group discussion
  • Physical activities, to promote movement and exercise
  • One-on-one activities, for individuals who shy away from group activities
  • Lower-functioning activities, for residents preferring less cognitive, but more tactile, hands-on activities
  • Bedside activities, for residents confined to their rooms
  • Outing activities, to provide interest and stimulation outside of the facility
  • Sensory stimulation activities, for engaging the residents’ senses
  • Men’s activities, to support bonding among the men
  • Special event activities, which are entertaining for large groups

2. Observance Calendars

If you’d rather create your own senior activity ideas from scratch, then check out our observance calendars to find daily, weekly, and monthly observances that you can use to gather inspiration!

March activity calendar for activity directors

General Monthly Observances (no membership needed)

June Observances for Activity Calendars

Have fun this month with activities, like hosting a Zoom Mentoring Session for residents and a neighboring Boys’ and Girls’ Club on Public Service Day (June 23), or organizing a fun Game Night activity for residents in your Activity Room on Midsummer Eve (June 23).

View the June Observances
January activity calendar for activity directors

General Monthly Observances (no membership needed)

July Observances for Activity Calendars

Celebrate the month of July by scheduling fun parties for your residents to enjoy throughout the month, like hosting a Happy Second Half of the New Year Party for residents on Second Half of the Year Day (July 1) or organizing a Pie Tasting Party for residents on National Pecan Pie Day (July 12).

View the July Observances
May activity ideas for seniors

General Monthly Observances (no membership needed)

August Observances for Activity Calendars

Plan fun activities for August like a Wine Tasting on National White Wine Day (August 4), a Dance Contest on Vinyl Record Day (August 12), and a Baking With Grandma intergenerational activity with the grandchildren on National Peach Pie Day (August 24).

View the August Observances

Quick Tip:

One of the easiest ways to come up with new and fresh ideas for your activity calendar each month is to relate your activities to specific observances or happenings for the month.