Activity Idea of the Month

kite flying contest for seniors on Father's Day

Grandpa’s Kite-Flying Contest

Celebrate Father’s Day (June 18) with your residents by hosting a fun annual event at your facility — a kite-flying contest for the men and their grandchildren. For the activity, provide residents and their grandchildren with plastic bags to assemble diamond kites (by Set out lots of chairs for fellow residents to watch to see whose kite stays up the longest. (This activity idea is also featured in our June 2023 Dementia Activity Calendar.)

Creative Craft of the Month

make watercolor cards for Mother's Day

Fruit Potato Stamps

Recruit residents to recognize the first day of summer (June 21) by creating fruit potato stamps (by For the activity, supply residents with plain hand towels to stamp with potatoes that have been carved and painted as fruit. (This activity idea is also featured in our June 2023 Assisted Living Activity Calendar.)

Activity Ideas for Male Residents

making dog treats to give as gesture to dog owners during National Skilled Nursing Care Week

Male Bonding Activity of the Month

Recognize Flag Day on June 14th by inviting the men to participate in a fun flag scavenger hunt (by Before the activity, hide mini American flags throughout your facility for the men to find. Award a fun prize to the person who collects the most flags. (This activity idea is also featured in our June 2023 Dementia Activity Calendar.)

tie yellow ribbons around trees for Memorial Day

One-on-One Activity of the Month

Invite your resident to help you create a balloon flag (by on an empty wall in your facility to celebrate Flag Day on June 14th. To make the flag, simply inflate red, white, and blue balloons, and tape them to the wall in a flag design. (This activity idea is also featured in our June 2023 Men’s Activity Calendar.)

Activity Ideas for Dementia Residents

assembling no-bake horse cookies for Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes

No-Bake Recipe of the Month

Gather residents to celebrate National Donut Day (June 2nd) by assembling donut ice cream sandwiches (by by cutting store-bought donuts in half and filling with ice cream. (This activity idea is also featured in our June 2023 Weekly-Themed Activity Calendar for Donut Party Week.)

assembling mini bouquets to give to staff members during National Skilled Care Nursing Week

Sensory Stimulation Activity of the Month

Host a fun pool party for residents in your facility to welcome summer on June 21st. To create the pool party, simply fill a kiddie pool in the backyard with water. Then place chairs around the perimeter for residents to sit in while placing their feet in the pool. Play fun games like a beach ball toss or even a penny toss (tossing coins through the innertube that is in the pool). (This activity idea is also featured in our June 2023 Dementia Activity Calendar.)

Activity Resource of the Month

American Health Care Association

Check out our resource for the month,, to find fun stories, interesting facts, and reminiscing articles to share with your residents during your discussion activities.

Quick Tip:

Start a Newsletter Club featuring your facility’s residents as the writers and editors. Recruit volunteers to type the articles for a fun, monthly one-page newsletter.

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