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Find fun activity ideas for your seniors through our seasonal activity guides.

General Activity Guide (no membership needed)

S&S Worldwide Activity Guide for Autumn

Gather fun autumn ideas for your facility with the help of our partner S&S Worldwide. Discover art and craft ideas for autumn, autumn-themed games, and therapy activity ideas. Consider building activity ideas based on autumn observances, like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

General Activity Guide (no membership needed)

Jewish Activity Guide for Autumn

Need help planning activity ideas for the upcoming Jewish holidays? Find great ideas from our friend Jonathan Siegel, the Activity Director at Sarah Care of Jenkintown in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Check out a few of his ideas for your facility’s observances this autumn.

Quick Tip:

To quickly and inexpensively create buzz among your residents for an upcomingspecial activity, place lots of balloons around your facility in the color theme of the activity (e.g., using red, white, and blue balloons for a fun Independence Day event). Be sure to put out the balloons at the beginning of the day, so that residents will be reminded throughout the day about the upcoming activity.

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