Online Activity Resources

Find informative online resources that will help you plan your activity program. Be sure to bookmark the websites that you will revisit again.

General Information

The National Association of Activity Professionals

The National Association of Activity Professionals is a membership organization that provides information, education, and networking resources for activity professionals who work in geriatric settings.

The National Certification Council for Activity Professionals

The National Certification Council for Activity Professionals is a membership organization that sets standards and provides certification for activity professionals.


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia with lots of information on just about anything you want to learn. It provides great background information for your discussion activities.

Arts and Crafts

Art Projects for Kids

Art Projects for Kids provides a blog that contains easy-to-follow art projects that include painting, sketching, collage, and crafts. Most of her projects are free on the blog, but she does sell a few arts and crafts kits as well.

Crafty Crow

The Crafty Crow contains pictures and links to fun and easy-to-do crafts that are targeted for kids, but can be adapted easily for seniors.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart provides beautiful crafts with detailed instructions and pictures. Due to the detail of some of the craft projects, these crafts are appropriate for higher-functioning residents.


Fun Trivia

Fun trivia provides interesting trivia questions that you can easily use with your residents. The site offers trivia questions or trivia facts for most topics.

Trivia Playing

Trivia Playing offers an array of trivia questions and answers. The site is a good source when looking for new trivia questions for a trivia activity.

Baking Recipes

All Recipes

All Recipes is a comprehensive recipe website that provides easy-to-make recipes with simple ingredients. It also provides pictures of the finished product.

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is a recipe website that provides recipes for just about anything.

Drink Mixes

Drinks Mixer

Drinks Mixer is a cocktail recipe website that provides the recipe for just about every drink known. The site also provides alcohol-free cocktail recipes.



E-how contains a vast amount of how-to articles that can explain how to do almost anything. The site is easy to use and, depending on the topic, provides multiple articles per topic. Sometimes a picture is provided alongside the article.

Wiki How

Wiki How is another great resource for answering your how-to questions. The site is easy to use and to read.



DebateWise provides interesting debate topics to use for discussions.


ProCon is an informational website that provides the pros and cons on various topics.



Netflix is an online video store that delivers DVDs of movies, documentaries, and entertainment specials through the mail. They also provide online streaming of certain movies and documentaries. There is a monthly fee for this service.

S&S Worldwide

S&S Worldwide is a supply store that offers activity books, games, exercise equipment, and supplies for arts and crafts. The site is easy to use and is a great resource for finding new activities to try out in your activity program. They also have a blog on the site that provides tips, craft ideas, senior activity ideas, and so much more.

Quick Tip:

Recruit volunteers from local colleges and universities that can provide free assistance, like music students (as free entertainment) or geriatric care students (as interns).

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