How to Play Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Games

With Your Residents

Peeps Activities for Your Seniors

Got puzzles? If your facility’s jigsaw puzzles are cluttering your closet, then dust them off and set up one of these fun jigsaw puzzle games for your residents:

1. Blind Jigsaw

Provide each resident with a small jigsaw puzzle to complete without looking at the picture. As an alternative, permit residents to view the picture only once while they are completing the puzzle, allowing them to choose when during the puzzle process they want to view the picture.

2. Team Jigsaw

Divide residents into teams, and provide each team with a large jigsaw puzzle to complete (over 100 pieces). Award a fun prize to the team that completes their puzzle first.

3. Jigsaw Switch

Set up individual small jigsaw puzzles (around 30 pieces) for residents to work on at a large table. Allow residents to begin assembling their puzzles. Then after three minutes, announce “Switch” and have each person move to the chair/puzzle to their right to begin working on that jigsaw puzzle. After another three minutes, have residents switch again. Whenever a resident completes a jigsaw puzzle, remove them from the table and continue swtiching the other residents after three minutes.

4. Border Jigsaw

Using larger jigsaw puzzles (500-1000 pieces), have each resident or team of residents work together to see who is first at completing just the border of their jigsaw puzzle.

5. Missing Jigsaw Pieces

Remove two pieces from each jigsaw puzzle, and place the pieces in a pile on a table. Then pass out the jigsaw puzzles to each resident to try to complete. Once they have assembled their pieces, have them go to the table of “missing puzzle pieces” to find the two pieces that belong to their puzzle. Award a fun prize to the first person who completes their jigsaw puzzle. (Use smaller jigsaw puzzles – around 30 pieces – for this game.)


Peeps Activities for Seniors

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