How to Have Fun With All Those 
Plastic Easter Eggs

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Got plastic eggs? They’re great for decorating, but you can also use them for fun games with your senior residents. Here are a few to try out:

1. Easter Egg Bocce

Seat residents in a large circle, and place a white ball (the jack) on the floor in the center of the circle. Then give each resident a plastic egg to see who can roll their egg so that it lands closest to the jack without being bumped out of the way by another egg. To make the game a bit more difficult, but fun, add in beads or marbles to the plastic eggs so that the eggs roll in unpredictable ways.

2. Easter Egg Match

Fill six plastic eggs with different amounts of an item (e.g., plastic beads or coins). Then fill another egg with an amount that matches one of the other eggs, and have your resident shake that egg along with the others to find its match.

3. Easter Egg Hunt

Have fun hiding the plastic eggs throughout your facility for a fun Easter egg hunt. If possible, invite the grandchildren to help Grandma and Grandpa find and collect eggs. Then award a prize to the resident who collects the most eggs. Consider adding an incentive by placing a few bingo bucks (play money that can be used at your bingo auctions) in some of the eggs.

4. Easter Egg Toss

If you vote for a mess-free egg toss game, then use plastic eggs instead of raw eggs. For the activity, pair residents together, and have them toss their egg back and forth. Whenever a player catches an egg, have them take one step back before passing the egg back to their partner. Whenever an egg falls to the floor, the team is out. The last pair of residents in the game, wins.

5. Easter Egg Pairings

Use a timer to challenge each resident to see how well they can complete a variety of Easter egg pairings that you provide them. Before the game, separate all the colorful plastic eggs and place them in a pile. Then create a list of 12 plastic egg combinations (e.g., half yellow and half purple, half green and half pink, all orange, half yellow and half blue, etc.) that you want your resident to complete. When ready, start the timer to see how long it takes him to create all 12 egg combinations. Then challenge another resident to see if he can beat the previous resident’s time.


6. Easter Egg Guessing Game

Host a fun Easter egg guessing game. First, place a variety of objects on a table, like a bobby pin, marble, key, cotton ball, penny, piece of candy, battery, nail, etc. Allow residents to see the items, then cover all the items with a towel. Next, take one of the items from under the towel and place it in a plastic egg, without letting your residents see the item. Then have a resident shake the egg to try to determine what the object is. To make the guessing easier, remove the towel to see if your resident can recognize which item is missing.


7. Easter Egg Truth or Dare

Play a fun game of Truth or Dare using plastic eggs. Before the activity, write out fun dares (e.g., serenade the person on your left, tell a joke, show off your best dance moves, etc. ) on pieces of paper and place the dares in your plastic Easter eggs. Then when it’s a resident’s turn, if they decide to do a dare instead of telling the truth, have them pick one of the plastic eggs and do the dare that is written on the piece of paper inside the egg.

8. Easter Egg Charades

Get your residents up and moving with a fun game of charades using plastic Easter eggs. Before the activity, write out a charade and place it in a plastic egg. Then place all the eggs in an Easter basket for residents to pick from when it’s their turn to act out a charade.

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