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How to Plan Patriotic Activities…

No Matter the Holiday

Whether it’s Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Labor Day, or even Veterans Day, there are 5 fun activities that your senior residents can always enjoy on these patriotic holidays.

    Regardless of the patriotic holiday, there are 5 activities that you can always plan for your senior residents. Consider adding these fun activities to your holiday festivities:

    1. Barbecues. Organizing special lunches and dinners with Dining Services for your senior residents is a great way to get your residents in the holiday mood. To maximize the effect, set up the grill in the backyard so that residents can appreciate the aroma of barbecued ribs, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Consider complimenting the barbecue meal with a delicious patriotic dessert tasting.

    2. Parades. Arrange to take residents to see a local patriotic parade. If a local parade is not an option, simply plan one in your own facility by recruiting residents to be a part of the parade. For instance, coordinate a Veterans Day Parade, in which all the vets of your facility parade through your Activity Room and share their military experiences (e.g, rank, where they were stationed, how long they were in service, etc.) In addition, for Labor Day, invite residents to be a part of the parade to see if the spectators can guess their past occupations.

    3. Flags. Pay tribute to the American flag by planning activities that feature Old Glory. For example, host a flag-raising ceremony in the parking lot where residents can say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” as the flag is raised. As an alternative, educate your residents on flag etiquette by showing them the proper way to fold the American flag.

    4. Fireworks. Plan a trip to take your residents to see the local fireworks in your neighborhood. If you would rather stay in, then consider creating a few fireworks in your facility with art (using glue and glitter) or as a science experiment (e.g., fireworks in a jar of water and food coloring).

    5. Red, White & Blue. Honor the colors of the holiday with fun activities, like a Patriotic Fashion Show, a Patriotic Manicure Session, or even a game of Red, White & Blue, in which residents take turns naming things that are red, white, and blue.

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