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How to Keep Your Residents

As the outdoor temperature climbs throughout the summer or as the indoor air gets drier throughout the winter, it’s necessary to keep residents hydrated.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we offer, there are some residents who decline hydration. So if you find your residents saying “no” to water and juice, then try out a few of these 8 tricks to get and keep your residents hydrated:

1. Set up a juice bar in the lobby. Set up a “bar” in your lobby where you hand out different types of juices throughout the day. If you find that your residents are not receptive to the idea at first, just add a drink umbrella to the cup and give it a fun name like Zesty O.J. for orange juice or Sweet & Sour Juice for pink grapefruit juice.

2. Be an ice cream truck vendor. After some of your more “active” activities in the afternoon, like Balloon Volleyball or Indoor Miniature Golf, reward your participants with a small cup of ice cream.

3. Host a weekly tea party. Add a fun tea party each week in which residents come to sample various teas. Be sure to also serve tasty snacks for residents to enjoy.

4. Stock the fridge with Jell-O cups. Coordinate with Dining Services to prepare small cups of different flavored Jell-O that can be available to pass out to residents.

5. Have a melon display. Encourage Dining Services to create a mouth-watering fruit platter for your residents to munch on during the day. Encourage the residents to eat melons, like cantaloupe or watermelon, because of their high water content.

6. Schedule weekly taste testings. Host a weekly taste testing of a different beverage or fruit. For example, coordinate with Dining Services to host an activity in which residents are encouraged to sample unique fruits like passion fruit or star fruit.

7. Set out a veggie platter for the “grazers.” Be sure to set out a vegetable platter for residents to munch on throughout the day like a tray of juicy cherry tomatoes or crispy cucumbers.

8. Go on a popsicle run. Ask Dining Services to order a few boxes of popsicles for the Activity Department so that you can pass out the cold treats to passersby in your facility’s hallways.

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