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How to Keep Your Independent Residents Engaged

Do you have independent-minded residents who prefer not to participate in your group activities?

Need ideas on how to keep your independent residents engaged? Here are 7 ideas to consider:

1. Set up puzzles. Set up jigsaw puzzles at a few tables throughout your facility for residents to stop by and work on. Encourage residents to work on the puzzles daily.

2. Have independent weekend contests. Pass out fun activity sheets on Friday for residents to work on during the weekends, like word search puzzlescrossword puzzles, and other printable games.

3. Provide computer access. Teach your residents how to use a computer to go online to learn, search, and play games. If your facility does not have a computer designated for resident use, consider organizing a resident-led fundraiser to raise funds to purchase the computer.

4. Take requests. Find out what your independent residents are interested in and supply them with materials of interest. Use your local library to provide books, CDs, DVDs, and interesting information for your residents.

5. Start a library. Start collecting books to create a small library (or bookcase) in your facility featuring books and magazines for your residents.

6. Recruit them for small projects. If you need various projects completed, like sample craft projects that you can use for your arts and crafts activities, recruit your residents to complete them using your supplies in your Activity Room.

7. Tap them for knowledge. Use your independent residents’ vast knowledge for planning ideas and activities. For example, ask them for help with planning special events at your facility.

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