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How to Use the Internet
for Your Activities

With more and more activity director resources available on the Internet, it’s becoming easier to use the Internet within a senior facility’s activity program.

Set up a resident computer or tablets in your facility’s Activity Room. If your facility does not have a computer to use, solicit donations of old or unused computers and tablets from family members. Here are a few suggestions for Internet-based activities:

One-on-One Activities

  • Connect with family members and share photos using Facebook.
  • Research a resident’s genealogy and family origins.
  • Improve a resident’s hand-eye coordination with online games.

Reminiscing Activities

  • Show photos of a resident’s family home using Google Maps.
  • Look up past companies where the resident worked or photos of his old high school.

Physical Activities

  • Pull up fun and unique exercise routines on YouTube.
  • Play background music during Exercise Class.

Educational Activities

  • Locate interesting seminars and how-to videos.
  • Learn about a particular country or local city each week.

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