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How to Involve Family Members
in Your Activities

Are your residents hiding out in their rooms? Help them become more social in your facility by incorporating activities that include their family members.

Residents may become more social if you are able to involve their family members in your activities. There are several fun ways that you can get more family members involved in your facility’s activities with your residents. Here are a few suggestions:

> Host special events and invite family members.

Pick several times during the year in which your facility can throw a fun, special event that is for both residents and their family members. Consider throwing an annual holiday party in December or an annual Family Reunion Cookout in June.

> Start a family member support group.

Coordinate with your Director of Nursing to bring in a special speaker each month that can provide assistance to family members.

> Recruit family members to be volunteers.

Invite family members (especially the kids who need community service hours for school) to assist with implementing various activities.

> Ask family members to teach a class or be a speaker.

Tap into the specialties of family members by asking them to share their knowledge with your Educational Club or Speaker Series.

> Create intergenerational activities that involve the grandkids.

Create fun events that include kids. For example, invite the grandkids over to help residents dye Easter eggs, plant flowers in the garden, or wrap gifts during the holidays.

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