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How to Recruit Quality

Need volunteers? What about quality volunteers? Believe it or not, there are several ways that you can recruit quality volunteers to help you at your facility.

Instead of waiting for those amazing volunteers to walk through the front doors of your facility, implement a few ideas that will target the types of volunteers you are looking for. Here are a few ideas:

Advertise in local retirement communities. Older volunteers tend to come and volunteer much more consistently than younger volunteers. Further, they do not require a lot of supervision.

Advertise with the guidance counselor at the local high school. Insist that the guidance counselor must personally recommend each student applying from that school.

Make flyers and post them in your facility’s employee lounge so that employees will encourage their kids to volunteer. Kids of employees tend to be better behaved, knowing that their parents are close by.

Mail out flyers to family members, letting them know that your facility is accepting volunteers. Family members of residents may also be much better behaved than strangers to the community.

Have applicants fill out the volunteer application on-site. Take applicants for a tour of your facility when they are finished filling out the application. This way you can see how well they act around the residents and in your environment. You may also be able to access the applicant’s comfort level in your facility.

Advertise at local churches and synagogues. You may be able to recruit older volunteers who can assist during the day.

Make a list of two to three upcoming events that you need volunteers for and put that information on flyers. Post these flyers in retirement communities and places of worship. Once potential volunteers see a particular activity listed that they like doing themselves, like Sewing Club, they may decide to volunteer their time for that activity.

To show your facility’s appreciation, have an annual volunteer appreciation lunch in which you invite the volunteers to eat lunch with the residents. After lunch, hand out certificates to the volunteers to show your appreciation.

Mail out birthday cards to volunteers. This mailing actually accomplishes two things. First, it shows the volunteers that you care about them and appreciate their hard work. Second, it reminds volunteers who have been absent recently, like seasonal volunteers, that your facility can still use their help.

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