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How to Create Fun, Reminiscence Outings
for Your Residents

Take advantage of all the free resources in your community to help plan reminiscence outings for your residents.

When planning reminiscing outings, simply look to the everyday places that you patron. Then begin thinking on how to incorporate those common places into your outing activities. Here are 9 ideas to add to your list:

1. Grocery Store. Take advantage of down-times at your local grocery store by bringing in a group of residents to push carts and reminisce. Explore the colorful fruit section with residents as you encourage them to show you how they used to pick the ripest fruit. Additionally, take residents past the spice aisle to ask them about the spices that they used on a regular basis.

2. Coffee Shop. Set up a monthly coffee break at your local coffee shop for residents to get out of the facility and enjoy socializing with one another. Invite residents to describe their morning coffee rituals and how many cups per day they used to drink.

3. Home Garden Store. Enjoy walking with residents through the home-improvement aisles as you encourage them to discuss the D.I.Y. projects that they have attempted in the past. Don’t forget to visit the attached nursery to find out the types of flowers and plants your residents kept in their gardens.

4. Book Store. Encourage residents to walk the aisles and touch the books at your local book store as they reminisce about their former studies or interests. Help residents reminisce further by taking them to the section in the bookstore that has books about their past occupations.

5. Pet Store. Find a friendly pet store that will allow willing residents to spend time petting the animals. Encourage residents to recall the types of toys that they use to buy for their pets.

6. Restaurant. Satisfy the appetites of your residents by taking them to restaurants where they can experience different flavors. Consider planning a dinner outing and invite residents to get dressed up for a fun date night.

7. Museum. Find free museums or exhibits in your area in which residents can attend. Be sure to ask questions about the community events that they used to frequent.

8. Bakery. Reminisce about homemade breads and pastries as you take residents to your local bakery. Enjoy the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread as you encourage residents to reminisce about the goods that they used to bake.

9. Big Box Store. Get plenty of exercise as you lead residents through a large, big box store. Take advantage of all the different departments in the store. For example, take residents to the card section to read cards, or lead residents to the candy aisle to pick out their favorite candy.

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