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How to Create a Resident-Run Newsletter
in Your Facility

What could be more fun than having a newsletter in your facility? Having a RESIDENT-RUN newsletter in your facility.

Creating a facility newsletter is probably not at the top of your to-do list. So why not delegate the responsibility to your residents. Not sure how? Then keep reading…

> First, at your next Resident Council meeting, suggest the idea of having a facility newsletter. Explain to the residents that the newsletter will offer them the chance to add articles or editorials about what they feel is appropriate. At the meeting, be sure to take note of who is interested. After the meeting, create a “Newsletter Club” by following up with individual residents to find out how they want to contribute to the newsletter.

> Second, recruit some of your regular volunteers to assist your Newsletter Club with typing and editing. You can invite a particular volunteer to become the newsletter liaison between the club and the Activity Department.

> Third, have a weekly meeting listed on your activity calendar so that residents can come together and discuss the newsletter. Try to facilitate as little as possible. In fact, do not attend the meeting. Let the residents know that you or the volunteer will help with the manual tasks, but that the newsletter should be resident-run and contain information that they think is important to include.

> Fourth, insist that the newsletter be approved by the administrator or executive director of the facility. Explain to residents that the administrator needs to verify that all information included in the newsletter is correct. Additionally, try to persuade your administrator to write a monthly article for the newsletter.

> Fifth, download copies of other facilities’ newsletters off the web to show residents.  Encourage the residents to use these sample newsletters as inspiration for their own newsletter.

> Finally, recommend that the first edition of the newsletter be only one page. Having a shorter newsletter for the first edition will make it easier for the residents and will keep them from feeling overwhelmed.

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