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How to Bring in Money
With Fundraisers

Hosting fundraisers is a great way to bring in money for your activity program while also having fun.

Consider making plans throughout the year to host fundraisers at your facility. To make the process even more special, be sure to include your residents in the idea and planning stage (i.e., choosing which type of event to host) as well as the execution stage (e.g., inviting residents to take turns manning the Bake Sale tables). In addition, to maximize your fundraising profit potential, consider hosting the fundraising event during a time when your facility gets a lot of traffic (e.g., during your annual holiday party for residents and family members). Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Basic Fundraisers

Bake Sale. Invite residents as well as your facility’s kitchen staff to bake tasty goodies to sell in your facility’s lobby. Consider hosting bake sales throughout the year to tie into the season. For example, host a Thanksgiving Pie Sale featuring pumpkin pies and sweet potato pies during the Thanksgiving season.

Walk-A-Thon. Host your own Alzheimer’s Walk (& Roll) in your facility in which residents walk or roll laps to raise money. Simply, send out letters to family members to sponsor their loved ones (e.g., $5 per lap with a maximum contribution of $20 per sponsor). Set up your walking course so that it is easy for residents to walk or roll four laps. For instance, if you have a long hallway in your facility, divide it into four sections so that residents can easily finish their four laps.

Garage Sale. Persuade residents to look through the items they no longer want and donate them to your facility’s garage sale.

Cash Bar. At the next big dinner event for your residents and their family members, set up a mini bar and sell a non-alcoholic specialty drink. Beforehand, invite residents to name the drink.

Holiday Fundraisers

Holiday Cookbook. Invite residents to donate their recipes to include in a cookbook that can be sold at your annual holiday party. Have a volunteer compile the recipes and type up the cookbook on your computer.

Holiday Concert. Start a holiday choir at your facility (including staff and residents), and have them put on a holiday performance where you can sell tickets.

Arts & Crafts Fundraisers

Tie-Dyed T-Shirts. Provide residents with tie-dye and white T-shirts to decorate. At your next family event, set up a “store” in your Activity Room to sell them.

Art Auction. This is a great two-in-one activity. First, host an arts and crafts activity in which residents work on fun and interesting art projects. Then, later in the week, host a fun art auction, at which you sell the framed artwork. Provide wine and cheese at the event.

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