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How to Stay Prepared…Even
During the Holidays

Running a senior activity program during the holiday season can be hectic. One way to make the season less chaotic is to stay prepared.

Staying calm and prepared are key to being successful with your senior activities during the holidays. Consider using some of these items to help you stay prepared and ready as all the craziness begins:

1. Ready-to-Use Kits. Stock up on arts and crafts kits for activities that require little prep. Most kits contain all the supplies that you need; however, if they don’t, as long as you have a supply of paint and glue, then you should be just fine.

2. Sing-Along CDs. Use a sing-along CD to pop into your CD player for those days when you need to fill a hole in your calendar (like when your entertainer accidentally overbooked himself and is unable to perform for your residents).

3. Classic Holiday Movies. As the holiday season gets into full swing, use movies to help free up more of your time. Borrow holiday movies from your local library and plan matinees each afternoon featuring the classics. Provide freshly popped popcorn and drinks for your movie-goers.

4. Refrigerated Cookies. Create an impromptu baking moment for your residents by having refrigerated cookies on hand that residents can easily slice and pop into the oven. These cookies also come in handy when you have those “I forgot to call” spontaneous visits by groups who want to sing a Christmas carol or visit with residents.

5. Bingo Games on CD. If your facility is like most, then your residents will never miss a chance to play bingo. Instead of playing regular bingo, which needs a caller, use a musical bingo CD game in which the CD plays songs that residents can find the titles to on their bingo cards.

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