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How to Use Today’s Technology in
Your Senior Activities

With the abundance of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, consider using these technological devices in your day-to-day senior activities.

Consider using technology for your residents’ activities. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Physical Activities

  • Wii Sports. Invite residents to play tennis, bowling, or golf using Wii on your television.
  • Interactive Dancing Video Games. Play a fun dancing video game for residents, like Dance Dance Revolution, for abled residents to get exercise.
  • Cameras. Blow bubbles and take a picture of your resident as she catches them. Email the picture to loved ones.
  • Pedometers. Consider purchasing a few plastic pedometers for your facility’s serious walkers to use during a Walking Club activity to tabulate the number of steps that they take.

Educational Activities

  • Laptops. Take advantage of the portability of a laptop by carrying it with you for your room visits when you want your resident to use the computer.
  • Projectors. Connect an attachable projector to your smartphone or laptop to display slides for an interesting history lecture.
  • Smart Phones. Use your smartphone to find fun, online trivia games that you can do with your residents during a gaming activity.

One-on-One Activities

  • Desktop Computers. Use your facility’s resident-computer to take your resident on fun virtual tours of famous landmarks, or to just view his house on Google Maps.
  • Smart Watches. With your smart watch, stream in a radio station for you and your resident to listen to.
  • DVD Players. Take your portable DVD player with you to show your resident a movie or old television show.

Reminiscing Activities

  • Tablets. Use tablets during your reminiscing activities to show pictures of the people, objects, or places you are discussing.
  • MP3 Players. Download music from your residents’ era to play back for them. Consider playing a fun game of Name That Tune.
  • Wireless Microphones and Speakers. Keep a wireless microphone and/or speakers handy for residents to hear you during your activities. They also come in handy when you need to make announcements in your Dining Room or Activity Room.

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