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How to Use Your Local Library’s Resources
for Activity Programming

Your local library provides great resources to assist you with your activity programming. Best of all, it’s free!

Be sure to take advantage of the vast resources offered at your local library. By doing a little planning, you can use their free resources each day for your scheduled activities:


1. Facility Library. Stock your facility’s library with borrowed books from your local library. Coordinate with your library to borrow a box of books for about a month (see if they can send them to your facility) for residents to use.

2. Library Cart. Pass out the borrowed books to your residents who enjoy the independent activity of reading.


3. Musical-themed Meals. If your Dining Room has speakers, borrow CDs from your local library featuring music of interest to your residents. Pipe the music through the speaker during a weekly meal, e.g., Perry Como Luncheon or Nat King Cole Luncheon.

4. Music History. Borrow CDs of a particular singer and play their music for your residents while sharing interesting tidbits about the entertainer’s life.

5. Musical Afternoon Socials. Host fun afternoon socials featuring the music of some of your residents’ favorite singers.


6. Classic Movie Night. Show classic movies that can be borrowed from the library.

7. Animal Pictures. Borrow animal documentaries for your residents who love to watch animal pictures.

8. Art History. Find DVDs featuring the works of famous artists for an educational art history program.

9. Latest Releases. Borrow current movies of interest for residents to view, especially if you were unable to take them to the movie theaters to see the movie.

10. Armchair Travel. Show DVDs featuring interesting places and landmarks.

Books on Tape

11. Educational Series. Borrow books on tape and schedule a weekly educational series in which residents learn something new about a famous person or event.

12. Independent Activities. Play the library’s books-on-tape for residents who are bedridden or for book lovers with low-vision.

Trip to Library

13. Computer Classes. Take residents for a free trip to the library to learn how to use computers.

14. Educational Events. Research programs and lectures at your library for your residents to attend and enjoy.

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