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How to Create a “Wow Calendar”
for Your Residents

Have you ever looked at another facility’s activity calendar and then said “Wow”? Well with just a few alterations, you can turn your activity calendar into a “Wow” calendar too!

You can easily alter your current activity calendars to make them more appealing to your residents. Here are 10 ways to do just that:

1. Use names for your activities that would catch your residents’ attention. For instance, when listing a basic trivia activity on your calendar, use “Jeopardy” or “Name That Actress” (if doing celebrity trivia) to catch more interest. In addition, if doing a musical activity, use fun phrases like “Name That Tune” or “Frank Sinatra Sing Along.”

2. Be specific when naming activities. To let residents know exactly what to expect from the activity, use specific descriptions in your activity title, like “Cupcake Decorating” instead of “Baking with Betty” or “Popcorn Garland Crafts” instead of “Arts and Crafts.”

3. Use different names for unpopular activities. For example, instead of calling your exercise program “Exercise,” call it “Fitness Fun” or “Balloon Volleyball.”

4. Give your outings a fun and interesting title. For instance, instead of listing “Scenic Ride,” use “Mystery Scenic Ride,” in which you give clues to residents as to where you are driving them, or “Holiday Decorations Drive,” for a drive to see the holiday lights.

5. Be sure to highlight your calendar’s special events. Try to highlight or bold special events on your calendar so that they stand out from the rest of your activities.

6. Use themed weeks or days throughout your activity calendar. Add more interest to the month by having an interesting “Holy Week” in which you provide activities specifically about Christmas or Hanukkah, or a “Christmas Around the World Week,” in which you provide activities featuring holiday traditions of various countries that your residents are from.

7. Add contests and competitions to your calendar. Because a lot of residents enjoy competitions, consider adding contests to your calendar, like “Trivia Challenge: 1st Floor vs. 2nd Floor” or “Gift Wrapping Contest.”

8. Ask your entertainers for specific information about their entertainment that can be added to the calendar. For example, consider stating on your calendar “Big Band Music with Joel Smith” or “The Meaning of Christmas with Sarah Jones.”

9. Host a monthly calendar release party at the end of the month. Have fun with residents as you build up the anticipation about your upcoming calendar with a release party. At the party, which is usually at the end of the month, pass out the calendars for the upcoming month. Point out special events to residents and give information about any interesting or unusual activities.

10. List residents’ birthdays on your activity calendar. Include the birthdays of willing residents on your calendar so that everyone knows whose birthday they will celebrate at your monthly birthday party.

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